LAC. Wallace Jackson in North Africa and Italy with 70 Squadron, RAF, 1941-1944


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 Sgt Douglas E. Eldred 1321513

Contributed by Ian Eldred

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Douglas Eldred  was with 70 Squadron in North Africa as a Sergeant Navigator.

He was killed on 15/06/1943, aged 19,  and buried in Enfidaville cemetary to the south of Tunis. 

The story passed down in his family was that he stepped on a mine at a recently captured airfield.


Ian Eldred has discovered the following brief announcement in 'Flight' magazine, 26.8.43:


Sgt. P. W. Dennis;  Flt Sgt.W. M. Donaldson;  Sgt. D. E. Eldred;  Sgt. P. Turnbull


Alan V. Cumming writes:

My grandfather, Sergeant David Cumming, flew with Sergeant Eldred for 5 operations before Sergeant Eldred was killed. 

Quoting my grandfather's log:

"Sgt D. E. Eldred was fatally injured by an explosion of a German land-mine & completed only 5 raids. He was buried in Kairouan, Tunisia".

The crew with which Sergeant Eldred flew was as follows:

Pilot - Flight/Sergeant H. C. Grundey (DFM)

Navigator - Sergeant Douglas Edwin Eldred

Bomb Aimer/Front Gunner - Sergeant David Cumming

Wireless op/air gunner - Sergeant D. Dodson

Rear Gunner - Sergeant H. Veins (Canada).


David Cumming has supplied  the following account of the circumstances surrounding Sgt Eldred's death:

"On return from his final operation, Douglas slept in the same tent as a ground Staff Sergeant, and the following morning they woke to the impending arrival of the water wagon. Water was like gold in the desert operations, and it is believed the Staff Sergeant suggested they take a short cut to go and fill their jerry cans with water, running round behind the Sergeant's mess, which would be quicker and allow them to beat the rest to the water wagon. The short cut took them unknowingly through a booby-trapped area with German land mines."



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