LAC. Wallace Jackson in North Africa and Italy with 70 Squadron, RAF, 1941-1944


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A site recommended by Neil Chapman, with interesting content re. the RAF in the Middle East, including Habbaniya.


See also the pages on this site re. LAC John George Walker 535122 




The Wellington Aviation Museum, Moreton -in-Marsh


This collection is really worth a visit if you are in the Cotswold area on a Sunday!    Dedicated to the airmen who trained at the nearby airfield in WW2  principally on the Wellington, it contains an amazing variety of interesting exhibits.


See song and poem from this collection


An  impressive collection of material assembled by Tinus le Roux in tribute to the pilots and aircrew of SAAF during WW2.     Some very good photographs and memorabilia relating to the Middle East and Italian campaigns.


This is the official web site of the RAF Yatesbury Association and incorporates RAF Compton Bassett, Cherhill and Townsend.

RAF Yatesbury was where many wireless operators received their training.


An extremely comprehensive and valuable resource with the mission to collect as much archive information as possible concerning aircraft and aircrew from every era.  


A truly comprehensive site dealing with most aspects of RAF history and organisation


RAF 70 Squadron website-history


An interesting site, compiled by the 458 Squadron Association, devoted to another Wellington bomber squadron.      Gordon Stanley Orchard is commemorated.



RAAF Fatalities in WW2 - lists of crew members


A very useful pdf site compiled by Alan Storr, derived from Australian War Memorial and National Archives.   Crew members include non-Australian personnel.    Squadrons mentioned include 70 Squadron.   


A promising site devoted to RAF Bomber Command.


Well-illustrated and informative site about the career of James J. MacIsaac RCAF and the Italian campaign


Chris Edwards' fascinating Flickr compilation of photographs from the collection of his grandfather who served as an aircraft engineer with

38 Squadron from Norfolk.


The internet has made possible an increasing number of sites recording the lives of former RAF personnel.   This interesting site traces the career of F/Sgt  W. B. Archibald who flew with 102 and 35 Squadrons, and was unfortunately killed in 1942.


A very useful web forum for enquiries and questions related to the subject


A unique collection devoted to the role of the air gunner at the Yorkshire Air Museum


An independent publishing company committed to raising money for local hospices and the Bomber Command Association through the sale of their books and illustrated talks to community groups.