LAC. Wallace Jackson in North Africa and Italy with 70 Squadron, RAF, 1941-1944


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 Entertainment and Christmas Menus
Members of the squadron formed  a concert party, drawing on various individual talents.

- an intimate revue in 9 scenes

See programme:

1   2   3   4

"Yo! Ho! We're Here!"

See programme:

1    2    3

Christmas in the mess - click on menu for larger version


LAC Arthur Simons also kept a copy of the

1943 Christmas Dinner Menu 

- signed on the back by his companions



The reverse of another copy of the1943 Christmas Dinner Menu sent in by

Ken Hook, labelled "Some of 70 Squadron Airgunners"


Sgt Philip J. Simpson's autograph appears in the top left quarter, spotted by his nephew, Phillip Simpson.


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